Over the last 20 years, Michelle Newman has honed her craft as an expert in movement, mindfulness and wellness. She has a B.S. degree in psychology with a minor in Health and Wellness and an extensive background working as a massage therapist and physical therapist assistant. She is a yoga and mindfulness educator to people of all ages (0-100) in her community with thousands of hours of experience and has conducted mindfulness workshops and yoga classes in early education centers, schools, studios, physical therapy clinics, community centers and at conferences. Additionally, she is a wellness writer and blogger.

Mindfulness is at the heart of Michelle’s work. Whether it be through her writing, educating, in stillness, movement, or in everyday tasks, she understands that a desire for body awareness involves taking the time to pay attention to what it is we are doing and thinking everyday. She wholeheartedly believes mindfulness is key in helping people improve their human existence.

Michelle inspires a sense of wonder in all of her students and patients through encouraging curiosity. In working with each individual, her emphasis is to empower everyone to listen to and trust their own innate body wisdom. She has always said the body never lies and recognizes that embodiment is possible when we begin to engage with the world through our felt experiences. We have the opportunity to learn from its mysteries, absorb its vast wisdom and be nourished by it.

When Michelle is not working with students or patients, she is writing and blogging about all things health and wellness, exploring the great outdoors, doing yoga, or hanging out with her husband Mike, her son Eli and their papillion, Max.