"Michelle brings a warmth and genuine caring into a room of young children giving them an immediate sense of trust and respect. She incorporates something different in her practice each week, keeping the children’s interest at a peak for more. Her high energy mixed with her calm demeanor is the perfect “balance” in teaching our young yogi’s an appreciation for the spirit of the custom."                                          - Mary Jane Hoddock, Director of The Children's Corner

"Thank you for planting that seed in my children. We still use mindfulness meditation to manage anxiety and the sensory regulation needed when living with autism. We are forever grateful!"  - Carrie Lee, mom of two boys with autism

Michelle catered the training for my specific needs, for use in my classroom, rather than directly instructing children in yoga practices.I will be able to use many of the strategies and resources to help my students become more mindful of their thoughts and actions. Thanks Michelle!    -Julie Wash, Middle School Teacher

"The students in my class LOVE yoga time with Michelle!  She helps them to connect to their bodies, minds and hearts in a way that is respectful to who they are as individuals".  She encourages an environment of self - love, kindness and growth while doing yoga in a fun and innovative way.  We need to encourage young children to take care of their insides as well as their outsides at this young age.  This will create more resiliency and self confidence as the children get older.  Michelle does this with her yoga teachings and mindfulness practices with the children." - Nicole Eisenbach, Preschool Teacher