It's Bitter + It's Sweet

It is a bittersweet world we live in.  A world full of anguish, hostility, violence, fear, hate and greed.  A world full of love, kindness, support, hope and joy. 

Why must we be forced to taste the bitterness of the world?  Perhaps because it brings those of us who prefer the sweetness of life together.  When we gather round' the nectar, we create a recipe for change. 

Recently, I experienced my very first march.  A sweet cause for a bitter call to action.  I marched with the kids.  The real leaders of our world.  I marched for their lives.  I marched for all lives. 

The experience was profound.  The energy was palpable.  I felt the light of the world flood through my entire being.  The grief for the victims of gun violence ripped through my core.

To be surrounded by so many beautiful souls flocking in harmony with one another to drink from the nectar was a beautiful reminder that we are all better together.  THIS is what change looks like.  I really get it now.  No longer is it a concept of my mind, but a living truth in my body and soul. 

For those of us who have children of our own, it is our duty to answer their questions about the madness in the world.  It is our duty to take action by joining hand in hand with the one's who seek the sweetness of the world.  It is our duty to take our children's hands and guide the way for them so they may find relief from the bitterness. 

We must march together.  We must stand with one another.  If we don't, we will all drown in grief and suffering, hopelessness and fear.  And worst of all complacency and loneliness. 

Come together (insert The Beatles tune here) and grow together right now with me and other parents as we continue to plant seeds of kindness, love and hope in our kids through the practices of yoga and mindfulness.  The place where true actions aligned with true heart begins.