Fitting the Puzzle Piece Together

I am a highly sensitive being.  Always have been.  I just never knew it, or simply had no name for it.   Until my my mid thirties while working with a woman who studies and understands emapths.  I used to think I was crazy.  Now it all makes sense!

From a very young age, I remember feeling very different from other people.  That hasn't changed.  Neither have my big feelings and emotions. 

I can't remember a time in my life when I have not felt deeply.  I am easily overstimulated by crowds, noise and stress.  I consider large gatherings to be six or more people in which I want to escape because it feels so overwhelming.  I absorb other people's emotions which makes it difficult to discern theirs from my own.  I get easily upset and have a hard time letting things that affect me negatively go.  I need A LOT of space.  I feel deep pain for the perils of our world. 

When I am feeling heavy and sad for no reason, I have to check in with myself to ask if it could possibly be a symptom of the pain of the world.  I will never forget the almost unbearable tears I shed when I heard of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010.  It directly affected the beaches I grew up on.  As well as my spirit and soul. 

If I don't make a conscious choice to disconnect from all forms of media, I begin to spiral.  This is almost impossible to do now with social media as part of our everyday culture.  I really struggle with finding balance in this.  

Recently, Eli overheard me talking about my sensitivities and feeling like I have never fit in.  He said to me "Mom, every puzzle piece is different, but they all fit together perfectly".  This became brand new perspective for me. 

As I continue to reflect on his wisdom, I am reminded about my gift.  My highly sensitive nature. 

When I am not trying to shut this part of myself down because of its' piercing intensity, it allows me intuition, empathy, compassion and a deep connection with myself and loved ones. 

I appreciate my tenderness and openness to feel deeply.  I recognize this as a strength and act of courage.  I understand not everyone will understand me and I am okay with that.  I embrace my stand out, one of a kind puzzle piece.  This puzzle piece is one that fits in with those pieces that are similar in shape, size and color.  And I am blessed to have many in my life.

If you or your children are highly sensitive beings, I encourage you to learn about the traits and coping mechanisms for a more balanced and peaceful life by clicking this link