Our 31 Day Manifestation Challenge


My sister and I recently embarked upon a 31 Day Manifestation Challenge. The challenge lasted the entire month of December. We made sure to text daily to inform one another of what we wanted to manifest. We then shared pictures and some of life’s most important lessons that were bestowed upon us along the way. Lessons that we all need to be reminded of over and over again.

This blog is Part 1 of our journey into the first 15 days.

The challenge began with fun and silly manifestations such as animals and objects. It quickly turned into a game. Much like an adult scavenger hunt! It was so unexpectedly exciting and inspiring, we decided to document it. By the end of the 31 days, we were manifesting more than just objects (more on that in Part 2).

Some of the lessons presented to us through this challenge were:

  1. Stay focused, pay attention, have a plan each day and expect the unexpected.

  2. Wake up each morning like a child in wonder of the world.

  3. Most importantly, have fun, be playful and be in support one another’s dreams, goals and desires no matter how big or small. It is in these moments where true magic resides.

Each picture below will send you to a link containing our pictures, a short story about how and what we manifested and the lessons granted.

Sometimes it is not so important how we approach a situation, but that we put energy, action and intention into making our desires a reality.

May you too enjoy making new discoveries in every moment of your life.

Start small, invite someone to join you in the fun, stay open, be playful and believe in yourself and others along the way.