Fairies + Love Arrows



Kim: Fairies

A pair of fairy wings Kim thought she had donated were found in Zoey’s closet this day. She also discovered a coloring page with the word fairy at the bottom as she was picking Zoey up from school. Zoey is surrounded by fairies. She is one in fact.

Michelle: A Cupid’s Arrow

I was sitting in my meditation chair in my room this morning when making my decision to manifest a cupids’ arrow. After a full day of searching, I entered my bedroom that evening and was practically pierced by two arrows. Perched on my bedroom wall directly above my meditation chair was a picture (I apparently forgot was there) with arrows intersecting the word LOVE. It was literally looking down on me that very morning but I wasn’t paying attention. And it was a lovely moment.

Lessons Learned:

Look around. Notice. Pay attention. Our subconscious is always at work. Surround yourself with fairies and with love.