Green Juice (Jews?) + A Birdcage

jews and birdcage.jpg


Kim: Green Juice

Kim was working a long day in the hospital and all she wanted to manifest was a green juice ( a fat chance in this environment!). This particular day, the first day of Hannukah, my brother Adam happened to be visiting me from Albuquerque. As Kim and I were checking in about each others’ status, I told my husband and Adam that Kim was wishing for a green juice. Immediately, in perfect comedic timing, Mike said “look, it’s green jews!” Adam scooped up the menorah, stood by Mike and boom! This moment was captured on camera. So brilliant. So impromptu. Leave it to my husband and my bother. Two of the funniest people I know. Two of my most favorite people. Kim eventually found her green juice the next day, but not in the hospital.

Michelle: A Birdcage

I almost didn’t go shopping today because I hate shopping as much as I hate crowds. But alas, I went and ended up at a really cool local Makers Market in the mall. However, I was thrilled to work against my own resistance for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that I found a really cool booth called the Yarn Benders where I found a great pair of crocheted earrings for a friend. The second reason is that I found my birdcage! Because I was indecisive on which pair of earrings to buy initially, I left the booth and returned later for a second round after perusing the rest of the market. Upon my return, I decided to be bold and ask if the vendor is she had a birdcage anywhere onsite. She pointed to the display directly before my eyes and said “well, this is technically a birdcage, a decorative one I got at a craft shop”. SCORE! I love decorative birdcages. And the gift I bought for a friend. I’m still not sure about shopping.

Lessons Learned:

Stay patient. Allow for improvisation. Maintain a sense of humor. Be bold. Ask questions. Shopping for others’ can be fun.