Black Tourmaline + A Horse



Kim: Black Tourmaline

Another simple find for Kim today. Black tourmaline is known for its’ big time purifying properties, like a disinfectant for the soul. It is a bodyguard of a stone offering protection and elimination of negative energy. This stone provides security and serves as a stress reliever. Perhaps this is just what Kim needed today without even realizing it.

Michelle: A Horse

I called on a horse this day. My family and I stopped at a local Marketplace this evening for a quick dinner. We ate in the back of the restaurant and as we were leaving we decided to sit down at a different table for a treat, a table next to a Christmas tree. At that moment, I remembered my quest for a horse, turned around towards the tree and poof(!) there it was.

Lessons learned:

You know what you need. So does the Universe. Listen. Follow your gut. Keep your eye on the prize. Keep the magic alive.