The Dragonfly and the Owl



Kim: A Dragonfly

Kim found her dragonfly on a random poster around the neighborhood where she lives in Albuquerque. It was Zoey, my niece, who noticed the dragonfly first and called it to Kim’s attention. Zoey had no idea Kim was manifesting a dragonfly that day.

Michelle: Neighborhood Owl Sounds

I asked for our neighborhood owl to greet me this evening with its’ magnificent night time call. Very soon after, I heard the sounds of an owl but not from the trees of my neighborhood. Instead, minutes into watching a movie called The House With Clocks In Its’ Walls’, I heard an owl sound call out from the TV screen. At first, I didn’t even notice the sound until the next scene played out. I realized I missed it and pressed rewind to be sure. Indeed it was the sound of an owl. It did not present itself as I had intended, but I heard an owl hooting nonetheless. In an instant, I knew this game of manifestations was going to be SO MUCH FUN. I haven’t heard the sound of an owl since.

Lessons Learned:

Pay attention. Let go of your expectations. Expect the unexpected. Get excited about life. There is magic in the ordinary.