Metatron + Footprints


Day 4:

Kim: Archangel Metatron

After doing some research on the meaning of Metatron, she learned about sacred geometry and its’ association to this particular Archangel. She then found a pyramid stone and a daisy. Both are forms of sacred geometry, two shapes she has always been attracted to.

Michelle: Footprints

I woke up this morning and declared I would be manifesting footprints. On my way to teaching my Parent + Child Yoga class, I decided to stop at a craft store to purchase a prop for the class that morning. I stood in line and waited to make my purchase for about 5 minutes, not noticing the cute little paw print on some wrapping paper directly beneath my nose. Finally I took notice and in awe, got my picture to send to Kim. I began doubting myself that it “counted” because it wasn’t an actual human footprint that I had imagined it to be. But of course it counted! Later in the day, while waiting for an appointment, I opened a magazine to a beach vacation advertisement with the word footprints.

Lessons learned:

Sometimes you may need to search for the underlying meaning to understand. Look beyond the superficial. There is no room for self - doubt, ever. Life doesn’t always present itself to you in the way you imagine it to be. Be open. Stay curious. Accept what is.