A Lucky Horseshoe + Charms of Hearts



Kim: A Horseshoe

As per usual, the night before, Kim texted me that she wanted to manifest a horseshoe. I swear to God at this exact moment I was practically standing directly underneath my horseshoe at home sitting above the doorway entrance between my kitchen and office. I quickly texted her the picture. Her comment back was: “I literally was just thinking you were about to send me a horseshoe”. The next day, on her way out of a clients’ home, she asked if they had a horseshoe somewhere in the house. Lo and behold, her client pointed her to the Christmas horseshoe hanging at her front door. Another two for one!

Michelle: Heart Charms

Then morning, I felt inspired to manifest a heart shaped charm. Not once of the 11 hours at work did I notice one single charm on any of the twenty something patients I saw that day. Later in the evening as I was winding down, I checked Instagram. The first post that emerged was a picture of Julia Roberts (extra points!) wearing a 3 HEART charm necklace. With rainbows nonetheless:) Three times a charm.

Lessons learned:

Stay connected. Always ask for help. Never be afraid to ask questions no matter how big or small. Instagram delivers. Three times a charm. Julia Roberts is magical.