A Dolphin and a Peacock



Kim: A Peacock

On Day 1, in advance, Kim texted me her plan to manifest a peacock for Day 2. I looked down at my nightgown I was wearing at the time and discovered a peacock in the intricate pattern. I immediately sent her a picture. The next day she discovered another peacock all on her own. Double the fun!

Michelle: A Dolphin

This day I included both Mike and Eli in my search. Eli was super stoked to set out on this mission with me. As we were out for the day, we stopped into a home goods store while shopping for a gift. Eli and I turned a corner only to see Mike, very playfully, imitating a dolphin swimming towards us (true story). As he continued to swim our way, I noticed a stuffed animal dolphin in his exact location! Thanks for playing along little family of mine.

Lessons Learned:

We are powerful beyond measure when we come together and share with one another our dreams, goals, truths and desires. Don’t stop seeking for yourself. Be playful. Include others. Have fun. Pay attention.