Fall Inspired Yoga & Mindfulness Acitivites for Children, Families & Educators




Find a few different leaves with your child/ren and carve out some time to examine each leaf together. 

Notice the color, the texture, trace your finger around the shape of the leaf, is it pointy/jagged/soft/crispy, etc?  Look at the veins on the leaf, notice any holes on the leaf. 

You can even explain the science of color in Autumn leaves.  Here is a great article on this awesome science. 



Ask your child/ren "If a leaf were a yoga pose, what would it look like?"  Ask them to show you in their body what it would like.  Do the pose with them.  Make up your own.  Get creative, share ideas and have fun!




Go outside with your child/ren and look for leaves falling from the trees above.  Play catch a leaf.

Encourage your child to catch a leaf in their hands as they watch the leaf float softly towards the ground. 

Notice how each leaf floats differently.  Some twirl like helicopters, some sway back and forth, others may be carried far away from you by the gusts of wind.  How are the leaves falling right before your eyes? 

If it is a particularly still day and no leaves are falling, pick some up off of the ground, throw them up in the air and play catch a leaf this way.  You can toss one or many at a time. 

Did you catch a crunchy leaf?  A soft one one?  A tiny one? A red or yellow one? 

Enjoy being in nature and in total awe of the wonders of this world together with your family. 

Nature heals and so does spending time with loved ones.  Especially when we bring the gift of presence to one another.