Grow Wise with Yoga Games

1.   Tune – In Time with the Singing Bowl

  •         Listen to the sound of the magic singing bowl

Encourage children to listen to all of the sounds outside of the room, inside of the room, and all around.  Pause.  Have kids share what sounds they hear and noticeThen ask them to listen to the sound of the singing bowl 3 x’s with quiet and still bodies.  Try with eyes open and closed.  Have them share their experience with listening to the sound of the singing bowl.  Ask them if it was easy or difficult tuning in to just the sound of the singing bowl or if they were distracted by other sounds around.

2.  Breath with Essential Oil

  • Pump one spray of water mixed with 3 - 5 drops of essential oil, such as lemon, orange, or lavender (from a water bottle) into each child's hand if they give you permission.  Ask them to guess what scent it is they are smellingCollect all responses/guesses from children.  Announce what the scent is after everyone gets a turn to smell and guess. 


3.  Sun Salutation's

Inspired by Christyn Schroeder of KidPowerment Yoga

MOUNTAIN POSE: "Thank you sun for shining bright"

FORWARD FOLD: "Thank you earth for holding me tight"

PLANK:  "1 - 2 - 3 - 4, knees and chest down to the floor"                                 (Hands and feet down to the ground 1 at a time to PLANK and to ground)

UPWARD FACING DOG: "5 - 6- 7- 8, press up like a snake

DOWNWARD FACING DOG: "Wag your tail in downward dog"

FEET TO HANDS: "Jump forward like a frog"

FROG HOPS: practice jumping like a frog 3 x's



4.  Yoga Games

  • Yoga Card Game

Before kids enter the room, place a yoga card from a yoga deck under each of the yoga mats.  When it's time, have each child check under their mat for the card.  Have each kid show their card and demonstrate and teach the pose to the whole group. Group does pose together. 


  • Pose Detective

Call out different body parts to touch the ground (2 hands and 2 feet, 1 hand and 1 knee, etc..).  Have the children create their own yoga poses.  Encourage them to not look around at what other kids are doing.  Encourage them to do what feels good to them. Option to add Freeze Dance as part of this game (play music while kids are moving around, call out body parts to touch the ground, stop music and kids freeze in that pose). 

  • Mold Your Pose

Have kids partner off and choose who will be the "yogi statue" and who will be the "yogi artist".  Artists get to mold (move body parts into shapes).  Children can get inspiration from a card or from teacher's direction.



4.  Closing and Rest

  • I AM Exercise

Kids lie down, get still and take a few deep breaths.  Have them think of something they really like about themselves.  Give some examples (I am kind, generous, caring, happy, positive, athletic, peaceful, etc..).  Ask them to silently repeat to themselves the mantra: I AM__________ over and over again. 


  • Mindful Listening

Have kids sit up from their rest and listen to the sound of the singing bowl once again, listen to all the sounds around, listen with eyes open or closed.  Tell the children to remember/ revisit the kind words they were silently saying to themselves while lying down.  Invite them to share what their thoughts were if they want to.  Let them know they can start and end their day with these words or can choose other positive words for themselves each and everyday.  Remind them that it is easy to forget who we are sometimes in such a busy and noisy world and this exercise helps us remember again.