1.   Tune – In Time with the Singing Bowl

  •         Listen to the sound of the magic singing bowl

Encourage children to listen to all of the sounds outside of the room, inside of the room, and all around.  Then ask them to listen to the sound of the singing 3 x’s with quiet and still bodies.  

2.  Breathing & Sharing  

  • Have each child take turns ringing the singing bowl

Ask children to notice the traveling sound of the singing bowl after they ring it.  Have them listen closely to notice that the sound doesn't stop right away.  Point out that some people ring the bowl more softly, some harder.  Call out what is happening in the room in the moment it is happening.

3.  Warm - up

  •  Sun Salutation's  (inspired by Christyn Schroeder of KidPowerment Yoga) 

MOUNTAIN POSE: "Thank you sun for shining bright"

FORWARD FOLD: "Thank you earth for holding me tight"

PLANK:  "1 - 2 - 3 - 4, knees and chest down to the floor"                                                        (Hands and feet down to the ground 1 at a time to PLANK and to ground)

UPWARD FACING DOG: "5 - 6- 7- 8, press up like a snake

DOWNWARD FACING DOG: "Wag your tail in downward dog"

FEET TO HANDS: "Jump forward like a frog"

FROG HOPS: practice jumping like a frog 3 x's



4.  Balancing Breath

  • Use the singing bowl as an analogy for an anchored ship

Ask children what an anchor is and how it helps a ship in the ocean.  Ask children what happens to a ship in water that is not anchored to the ocean floor and what happens to a ship that is anchored to the ocean floor.  Show them the singing bowl and have them imagine it as a ship with an anchor at the bottom.  Have children lie on their backs and place the singing bowl on one child's belly at a time and ask them to breathe in through their nose to smell the flowers and let it go.  Have them watch the bowl rising and falling as they breathe in and out.  Once all children have taken a turn, ask them why they think we are spending so much time talking about anchored ships in the ocean and why we might be paying such close attention to our breath.  Explain to them that their breath is just like a ship anchored to the ocean floor.  Explain that focusing on our breath can helps us stay calm in the middle of the ocean even when there is a storm swirling around.  Ask the children if they can think of a time in their lives when they think they might be able to focus on their breath to calm themselves down.  The answers you receive may include: when I am mad, angry, sad, upset, or even happy (it is true, sometimes we get overly excited and need help calming ourselves down).  Act out an example such as laughing hysterically (little kids love this) and then return to your breath with one hand on your belly to show how to calm yourself down just by focusing on your breath.  Then have each child place his or her own hand on their own belly as they breathe.  Explain to them that this is their anchor breath and they can use this breath to calm themselves down anytime they need to.        

4.  Embodied Yoga and Closing

  • Take a yoga adventure to the beach (Yoga Island)

BOAT POSE:  Sit tall with bent knees, with hands, grab hold behind both knees and lift toes off the ground.  Release arms up overhead to make a sail.  Breathe in and get tall, breathe out to lean back and straighten legs slightly.  Repeat.  Arrive to Yoga Island.  

TREE POSE: How long can you stand on one foot?  Does your anchor breath help you balance better?  What happens when you close your eyes?  Climb up a coconut tree, grab hold of a coconut and slide back down to open up your coconut.  Drink some coconut water.

SAVASANA: Take rest under a coconut tree and feel your anchor breath.

WARRIOR 2/REVERSE WARRIOR:  Play WIPE OUT by the Safaris and go surfing.  Ride the last wave back to the beach and climb off of your surfboard and back under your coconut tree.  

SAVASANA: Take one last rest under your coconut tree.  Feel your anchor breath.  Listen for the sound of the singing bowl.  Wiggle your fingers and wiggle your toes.  Wiggle your nose.

EASY POSE: Sit tall in easy pose. 

NAMASTE: My heart loves your heart. There is good inside of me and good inside of you.