Cultivate Connection in 7 Simple Steps

To feel more connected to others, we must first connect to ourselves.  I share with you below, in seven simple steps, a simple daily sitting practice that allows me to connect with myself from the inside out, so that I am able to show up with the courage and trust needed to know myself more deeply and share myself fully.

1. How do I feel right now? 

2. How do I want to feel?

3. What do I want to experience?

4. What do I want others to feel? 

5. What do I want others to experience? 

6. Why do I want these things?

7. What am I grateful for?

Answer these questions quietly to yourself OR write them down.  Revisit throughout your day.  Use this exercise to be super intentional about your experiences in life.  Use it at the start of the day to set the tone or anywhere, anytime at the slightest awareness your energy is less than vibrant.  This is a tool to help us develop a deeper sense of self - awareness and can also be used for helping us move out of reactivity and into conscious choice.