GROW WISE in SELF - LOVE Yoga & Self - Care Tools for Children



These tools are designed to inspire children to instill and embody SELF - LOVE from a very early age.  Appropriate  for ages 3 - 5 (slightly older or younger may benefit as well).  

Useful for parents, teachers, caregivers of children, or ANYONE with children in their lives who wish to share the importance of self – awareness and compassion for self and the world.   


1.   Tune – In Time/ Chime Time

·      Listen to chimes 3 x’s

Encourage children to listen to all of the sounds outside of the room, inside of the room, and all around.  Then ask them to listen to the sound of the chimes 3 x’s with quiet and still bodies.


2.  Community Building and Sharing

·      Build a Tower of Love

Call each child by name and ask them this very important question:

What is one thing you can do to send love to yourself or take good care of yourself? 

Give the option to answer the question.  Once they choose to answer or decline to answer, issue them one FOAM BLOCK and have them place it on the ground or previous block. 

Tell them we are building a Tower of Love and learning about ways to love and take good care of ourselves.  Repeat until everyone has had a turn. 

Encourage each child to listen to each of their friends and praise each child as they share their wonderful ideas.  Tell your kiddos that we want the Tower of Love to stay standing tall because we worked so hard at building our SELF – LOVE. 

You’d be surprised at what good SELF – CONTROL they can have, even though what they really want to do is knock the tower over.  


3.  Creative Movement

·      Freeze Dance

Play ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE by the Beatles

Play music, encourage dancing or movement of any kind, stop music, ask kids to freeze (explain to them the “rules” of freeze dance before it begins).  Ask kids to dance in front of or around the Love Tower. 

Freeze Dance is another great tool for building SELF – CONTROL. 


4.  Balancing

·      Block Balancing

Issue FOAM BLOCKS one at a time once again to each child when called by name. 

Use blocks for balancing on head or other body parts.  Get creative!  Allow the children to guide as well.

·      Mountain Pose on Foam Block

Chant:  I am strong like a mountain, I am tall like a mountain (while standing on foam block), step off and step back on and repeat the chant.

To ensure safety, make sure children are standing on the lowest block setting.  Explain why that is important. 


5.  Body Awareness/ Stillness

·      Use FOAM BLOCK for patting and drumming

Chant:  We drum on our blocks to make the sound of our heart.  It goes beat, beat, beat, beat – beat – beat – beat.  Repeat and then STOP!  Have kids place hands on heart and feel their heart beating.  Some will say they can’t feel their heart. 

Repeat above drumming on FOAM BLOCK and chanting and add JUMPING.  STOP!  Have kids place hands on heart to feel once again.  They all should feel their hearts beating this time.  This is a great opportunity to discuss how we can speed our hearts up and slow our hearts down. 

Also, it’s a great opportunity to ask the question:

Where does love comes from?


6.  Breathing Exercise

·      Love Balloon Breath

Announce that we are going to blow up the biggest balloon in the shape of a heart filled with all the love we have and we will send it out to someone we love.  It can be to ourselves or a different person. 

As a group, begin in a deep squat and slowly inflate an imaginary balloon in the shape of a heart.  With every inhale rise a little taller and open arms apart.  Continue all the way to tip toes and finally let your balloon go and exhale out all of the helium. 

I like to repeat a total of 3 x’s and give the opportunity to send the love balloon to a different person each time.  My kiddos always love releasing the balloons with the sound of helium leaking out, so FUN!

·      Self – Hug Breath

Open arms, breathe in, exhale and say huuuuugggg on the out breath while wrapping arms around body.  

Repeat 3x's or throughout the lesson.  


7.  Quiet Time/ Rest Time

·      Savasana

Let the children know that it is time to rest their bodies on the ground without a sound and that resting is another way we can send ourselves love and take good care of ourselves. Smile at them, make eye contact, sing to them, provide loving touch if they choose to have a massage. 


8.  Closing

                                Sing goodbye or chant Namaste

                    Explain what Namaste means (for this SELF – LOVE lesson, and others too, I say                         Namaste means my heart loves your heart).                     

                      Ask children:

                    What does it feel like to send love to themselves and let them answer one at a                                 time. 


SELF - LOVE is all about kindness towards ourselves. It’s what makes us feel good from the inside out.  This lesson allows each child to notice what makes them feel good and to identify ways to LOVE themselves. 

SELF – LOVE is a healthy pathway towards SELF – WORTH.  Without SELF – LOVE, we can’t have SELF – WORTH.  We must learn to love ourselves first before we can truly share love others. 

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