My Journey from a Self - Sabotager to a Self - Lover

I am a recovering self – sabotager.  A sabotager is someone who uses a weapon to sabotage others with.  A saboteur.  My weapon of choice for self – sabotaging, for way too long, was my mind.

I have finally learned, after many years of depression, chronic pain, fatigue, and “inner demon” dialogue, ways to develop LOVE for myself. 

The beginning of my journey into cultivating true love for myself began about six years ago. 

Through dietary changes, cleansing, and a commitment to regular yoga and mindfulness practices, I have discovered the art of listening to my own heart.

Before that, I lacked the awareness that fear, anger, and self - doubt were stalking my every move.  My body was screaming at me to pay attention to the many feelings and emotions I had ignored for much of my life.

I got to a point where I could simply no longer hear my own thoughts, or feel my own feelings.  All I was aware of was physical pain and muddled thoughts. 

I am deeply grateful for the innate WISDOM of my BODY that forced me to pay attention to what was happening inside of myself and for the wise practices of yoga and mindfulness that have gifted me with the tools to remember my birthright – HAPPINESS and JOY. 

It has been through noticing my own negative thought patterns that I have been able to befriend my “inner demons”, GRIEVE my own traumas and pain, set healthy BOUNDARIES for myself and my family, FORGIVE others, take RESPONSIBILITY, and most importantly,FORGIVE myself for self – sabotaging.    

The practices of yoga and mindfulness continue to serve as a touchstone for me and have given me my full, abundant life back, as well as my greatest PURPOSE in life, which is to GROW WISE and inspire others to do the same.

We learn, from a very young age, about treating others with kindness and love, but not necessarily about treating ourselves with the same affections.

This is why I absolutely LOVE sharing yoga and mindfulness with children and their families and teachers.  Some of the core practices of yoga and mindfulness are self – awareness, self – acceptance, empathy for self and others, self – care, and SELF – LOVE.   

To GROW WISE is to cultivate a deep listening from within our own bodies, minds, and hearts and to trust and honor the FLOW of life and our own innate WISDOM within. 

To GROW WISE is to plant seeds of love and kindness, first for ourselves, and then for others.  To GROW WISE is to feel.  To GROW WISE is to heal.

May we all GROW WISE together!!


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